French Invasion!!

After the wonderful trip to Montigny, France last April, the choir is delighted to announce that Montigny Chorale Quatre Vents (C4V) have graciously accepted our invitation to come to Wicklow.

C4V, a mixed male and female choir, will be arriving on Friday 31st May and we have a very busy and fun weekend planned for the choir to enjoy. The highlight and centre piece will be a joint concert in Fatima Hall in Domican Convent, Wicklow under the auspices of the Wicklow Lions club on the evening of Saturday 1st June. Moneys raised will go to Wicklow Cancer Support. WMVC and C4V are delighted to be able to help this worthwhile cause and we would invite you to lend your support in attending what promises to be an excellent concert.

Other events for the weekend will include a Welcome Dinner hosted by WMVC, a trip to Glendalough and Kilmacurragh Botanic Gardens, an historic tour of Wicklow Town and Jail and an “Irish Night” of music, song and dance on the Sunday evening. You can be sure the craic will be mighty!!.

We expect another joint (free) public performance …….. keep an eye on this page.